About the Project

This master plan will focus on development of Chaffey Park as a central sporting precinct in Manilla.

The scope of this project is to produce a master plan that will:

  • Facilitate key ball sports and athletics;
  • Develop sustainable long term water solutions for the playing surface;
  • Develop an irrigation design for the park;
  • Develop a sports field lighting design for the park;
  • Provide adequate amenities to service the park and its users;
  • Propose improvements to the children's play area; and
  • Provide a prioritisation of works list

The purpose of this community consultation is to understand specific design elements the community would like included as part of the Chaffey Park Master Plan.

Design Background

In addition to Council's assessment of the options, we are seeking community input into which options work best and why.

Please review the options below and leave feedback.

The following elements were considered key in designing the proposed layout for Chaffey Park:

  • Maximum utilisation of the space
  • Utilisation of existing infrastructure where possible
  • Field orientation
  • Improved car parking
  • 'Gating' (fencing) the precinct/a field for matches (allows sporting clubs to take a cover charge from patrons to raise funds for the club)

Comparing the two designs:

Option 1

Option 1:

  • Maximises the use of the space and existing infrastructure.
  • Design does not encroach on existing football infrastructure
  • Provision of an additional permanent junior football field
  • Utilises the following existing infrastructure:
    • Touch football lights and irrigation
    • Football lights and irrigation


Design Option 1

Option 2

Option 2 has:

  • The rugby league field the preferred (but not essential) orientation
  • Utilises existing touch football lights and irrigation


Design Option 2

Your voice is the key to our region's future

Chaffey Park Manilla Master Plan - PROJ2019-0133

Thank you for your feedback. Consultation has now closed.

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  1. Outdoor Gym #
  2. Multipurpose half court #
  3. Swings & slippery dip #
  4. Dog off leash area #
  5. Flying Fox #
  6. Shade #
  7. Climbing castle #
  8. Picnic tables/seating #
  9. Bike safety park expansion #
  10. Skate park expansion #
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