It is with great excitement that we can finally say that the long awaited Disability Transport Hub will soon be constructed in Tamworth's Bicentennial Park.

This project has been a high priority goal since 2017, as it will allow Tamworth to better serve the needs of our elderly and disabled communities.

Constructing a Disability Transport Hub will provide a clean, safe and dignity-preserving facility for the elderly and those living with a disability or illness, to assist with any accidents whilst in public. The hub will also create a sense of inclusion for these members of our community, who currently experience a restricted ability to travel away from home.

Why is this project needed?

There is currently a lack of change facilities which are suitable for adults in the Tamworth region.

Many residents living with chronic illness, disability or those in advanced age and their carers often avoid visiting high-profile public places like Tamworth's CBD as it can be extremely difficult to clean or change an adult without the necessary equipment.

Providing a facility like the Disability Transport Hub only 100m from the Peel Street shops will provide these residents with the confidence to get out and about in Tamworth.

We expect the facility to accommodate a high level of daily use from both our local residents, as well as visitors travelling through our region.


The hub will encompass both purpose-designed change facilities for the elderly and disabled communities and their carers, as well as nearby parking and transport infrastructure to assist with the loading and unloading of wheelchairs.

The completed facility will include the following:

Changing Places Amenities Building

The 'Changing Places' certified amenities building will include a shower, hand basin, unisex disabled cubicle, lifting devices, adult change table, privacy screens, seating and ambulant hand rails.

Transport Infrastructure

This includes the construction of:

  • Five mini-bus length parking bays
  • A shelter covering three short stay parking bays, and a 1.5 metre sealed shared zone for loading and unloading wheelchairs. This area will be specially paved to accommodate heavy vehicles.
  • A concrete path between the parking bays and the Changing Places building
  • Surrounding bollards for pedestrian safety, line marking and signage


Representing an investment of $625,000, the Disability Transport Hub is one of the projects to be funded by the Australian Government’s recent Local Roads and Infrastructure Program, developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tamworth region will benefit from $6 million in total to be spent improving local infrastructure under this funding program. In the first phase of funding, our region was allocated $2.65 million, with a further $3.41 million received under the program’s second phase.

Bicentennial Park existing amenities