A new picnic spot, new footpaths in Tamworth, Manilla, Nundle and Kootingal and cycleway lighting along Scott Road, Calala Lane and Bicentennial Park’s levee bank are all coming soon as part of funding allocated to our region by the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Infrastructure Program.

Local contractors will assist in the construction of around 750m of footpath across four locations including Belmore Street, West Tamworth; Namoi Street, Manilla; Nundle Recreation Reserve and Station Street, Kootingal.

The funding will also provide just over 5 kilometres of cycleway lighting in three separate projects between Calala and the Tamworth CBD. Once completed, residents will be able to enjoy new lighting along cycleways all the way from Calala Lane to the riverside walk in Bicentennial Park.

These improvements, representing a $1 million investment, will mean residents can walk or cycle around the local area safely and easily, and will allow the wider community to better enjoy their active lifestyles.

Tamworth Region Mayor Col Murray with Federal Member for New England Barnaby Joyce

Tamworth Region Mayor Col Murray with Federal Member for New England Barnaby Joyce


The footpath and lighting infrastructure planned is made up of eight separate projects, all working to create more effective walkways and cycleways for our community.

Peel Street Picnic Spot

A picnic spot will be built to complement the new long vehicle parking area at the site of the old skate park on Peel Street, representing an investment of $80,000.

The new space will feature several picnic tables, shaded seating areas and a connecting concrete path to ensure the space is accessible to all.

​Concept design for the Peel Street picnic spot

Concept design for the Peel Street picnic spot


140 metres of new footpath will connect existing walkways along Belmore Street between Gidley and Matthews Streets.

Currently pedestrians are required to cross the road twice if they wish to stay on an all-weather footpath, the addition of this link will greatly improve convenience to users in a heavy traffic area.

200 metres of new footpath is to be constructed between the free camping area and existing footpath, allowing greater ease of access.

Community consultation has shown the construction of this footpath to be important to local residents.

50 metres of footpath will connect the top of the disabled access ramp to the new public toilet amenities.

The significant tourist walking circuit around Nundle will be completed with this link allowing easy and safe access to the amenities.

260 metres of footpath on Station Street will be constructed between Gate Street and Wagonia Street (from shops to Bowling Club corner), including four pram ramps, connecting a major residential area with the Kootingal CBD.

Calala Lane cycleway

Cycleway Lighting

Lighting will be built along 1.8km of cycleway from the Peel River bridge to the urban area at the western end of Scotts Road on the north side of the path, representing a $320,000 investment.

This path is used by many residents to travel between the commercial heart of town and the major residential areas of South Tamworth, meaning installation of lighting will enhance the safety of these residents.

$300,000 worth of lighting to be installed along 1km of shared pathway from the Water Treatment Plant to the urban area at the western end of Calala Lane along the north side of the path.

This pathway is frequently used by recreational walkers, runners and cyclists, as well as commuters to and from Calala, all of whom will be able to travel safely along this path at night as well as during the day.

A $170,000 pathway lighting upgrade is to be delivered along the Bicentennial Park Levee Bank covering approximately 2.3km of shared path.

The lighting will cater for the rising trend in recreational running and walking, allowing people to safely use the walkway at all hours of the day.