Identified as high-priority projects in the 2017 public toilet upgrade program but unable to be funded at the time, these improvements to the existing amenities will be much appreciated by residents and visitors to the area.

It is hoped that the upgrade will not only be extremely beneficial for those using the facilities, but will help to ensure the local communities of Attunga, Moonbi and Somerton remain attractive to visitors.

These projects will continue to ensure access to clean accessible public toilets at local parks and rest stops is available for our residents and travellers visiting our local communities. All new facilities will be upgraded to meet disabled and ambulant access standards.

During construction the existing facilities will remain operational where possible. Where not possible, portable temporary toilets or temporary signage directing users to the nearest toilet facility will be provided.

Locations for public toilet upgrades

View from Moonbi Lookout

View from Moonbi Lookout

Costs and funding

Representing an investment of $300,000, improving the identified public amenities is one of the projects to be funded by the Australian Government’s recent Local Roads and Infrastructure Program, developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding program aims to support local jobs and businesses during what has been an extremely tough period for the Australian economy.

In the first of two phases of funding, our region will benefit from $2.65 million to be spent improving local amenities and infrastructure. The construction of new public amenities for residents in Attunga, Moonbi and Somerton will not only provide essential facilities for these communities, but the construction of these projects will also be carried out by local businesses, helping to boost employment and business prosperity in the region.