The existing trunk water main located on Armidale Road was installed in the mid 1950’s as part of the Dungowan Pipeline. When the Calala Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 1980, the Dungowan Pipeline was redirected to the Water Treatment Plant and this section of water main was incorporated as part of the Tamworth water distribution system. The water main is a critical component of the Tamworth water distribution system and forms the primary supply to Nemingha, Kootingal and Moonbi however due to its age it is, at times, unreliable.

The Project

A review of the water network identified that a 375mm diameter water main would be capable of sufficiently meeting demand in this area. This meant there was the opportunity to reline the original 500mm water main rather than replacing the original main. The project involves the installation of the a new polyethylene pipeline within the original pipe. This method of construction has the benefits of reduced project costs, construction impacts and project timeframes.

Infrastructure Renewal Services (IRS) were successful in the tender process for this project and will be completing the works on behalf of Council.

The project has a budget of $1,450,000.

The section of the main being relined is shown on the map below as the blue dotted line.

Examples from similar projects...

These photos are from previous water main relining projects completed by IRS.