Tamworth Regional Council Draft Banning Notice Policy has been created to formalise the process that ensures Council meets its duty of care to staff and the community.

In the past, where Council has banned members of the public from entering Council facilities or contacting Council it has been done on an ad hoc basis. This policy provides a more consistent and informed approach to ensure Council remains a safe place for its staff and the community.

Tamworth Regional Council reserves the right to formally revoke the right of any person to enter its premises to any person who is assessed as:

  • having engaged in unlawful and/or antisocial behaviour and is likely to repeat such behaviour; or
  • a reasonable and credible threat to the safety and/or wellbeing of any other person on Tamworth Regional Council premises; or
  • being unable to demonstrate a legitimate reason for being on Tamworth Regional Council premises.

Anyone banned from a Council office or facility will be issued with a letter informing them of the ban and the locations or communication methods it applies to. A copy of this letter is to be provided to the Manager, Risk and Safety who will determine what areas of Council need to be made aware of the ban and communicate the ban to them. Risk and Safety will also maintain a register of ban letters issued.

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