Council’s Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) provides a framework to assess the financial capacity of Tamworth Regional Council to meet the objectives adopted in the Community Strategic Plan. It is vital for informing both Council and our community about the long-term financial position of our organisation.

Since June 2023, further analysis has been undertaken in relation to Council's long term financial position and has established that a Special Rate Variation is required to achieve Council's financial sustainability and maintain fit-for-purpose infrastructure.

Council's draft 2023-2033 LTFP has been developed and included as part of an updated Resourcing Strategy.

Special Rate Variation proposal

Tamworth Regional Councillors decided at the 12 September 2023 Ordinary Meeting to start a conversation with you about a potential Special Rate Variation (SRV).

Council identified in its 2023-24 Our Annual Plan and Budget, the need to investigate the viability of seeking a Special Rate Variation to ensure we remain financially resilient and are able to continue to deliver the services and facilities our community have told us they want and need.

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