Over recent years, Australia has witnessed a substantial surge in Electric Vehicle (EV) sales, with an increase from 3.8% to 8.4% of all new vehicle sales within just a year, reflecting a 121% increase.

Council aims to lead the way with the proposed EV Strategy and Policy to set out clear guidelines for companies seeking to invest in our region with the installation of EV chargers.

Introducing this strategy and policy to encourage the installation of EV chargers in our region will greatly benefit our tourism sector. By encouraging the provision of accessible EV chargers near the CBD in order to attract tourists to explore and invest in our retail stores, eateries, and other attractions while they wait for their vehicles to charge. This initiative will help boost foot traffic in the CBD and enhance the overall visitor experience.

The strategy and policy align closely with our sustainability objectives as outlined in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2022-2026. Specifically, they contribute to our goal of enhancing transport energy sustainability, which is a key focus area outlined in the strategy.

The Electric Vehicle Strategy and the Electric Vehicle Public Charging on Public Land policy was on public exhibition from Thursday 28 March 2024 to Thursday 25 April 2024.