The Tamworth Regional Council Entrance Strategy will be used to develop town entry signs across the region and landscaping along entry corridors.

The goal of this strategy is to:

  • celebrate our culture through recognition of the lands Traditional Owners;
  • create a strong brand for the region;
  • support a positive experience for visitors; and
  • nurture community pride

With ever-increasing visitor numbers to the region, signage is a crucial part of creating a positive and consistent visitor experience. One key outcome of this strategy, which aligns with Council's Blueprint 100 is to create a sense of arrival at each destination and leave a lasting impression on visitors of which residents can be proud.

The draft Tamworth Regional Entrance Strategy was on public exhibition during Wednesday 23 November through to Wednesday 21 December 2022. Thank you to the 120 members of the community who provided feedback on the draft strategy.

The Tier 1 sign has an overall size of 4.87 metres long by 3.34 metres high.

The Tier 2 sign has an overall size of 3.88 metres long by 2.65 metres high.

In a move towards enhancing the appearance and strengthening the identity of local towns and villages, we have included the option to have themes included on Tier 2 Entrance signage.

Without a theme

With theme

The Tier 3 sign has an overall size of 2.2 metres long by 1.51 metres high.

Tamworth Regional LGA borders the surrounding shires of Gwydir, Uralla, Walcha, Upper Hunter, Liverpool Plains, Gunnedah and Narrabri Shires.

Tamworth Regional Council does not have current LGA boundaries signage except in some locations where there is a small RMS sign parallel to the road indicating the boundary of the shire.

Proposed LGA boundary signage is referred to as a Tier 4 sign.

Round 1 Community Consultation

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