Housing is a key issue for many across the country, and like many regions Tamworth faces its own challenges.

The Tamworth Region spans a wide range of communities, from the regional city of Tamworth through to smaller towns and villages. Tamworth’s influence extends widely beyond the boundaries of the Local Government Area, and it represents the most significant growth centre in north-west New South Wales.

Tamworth is experiencing a range of pressures associated with strong ongoing population and commercial growth in the city, which then adds pressure to our infrastructure. However, smaller towns and villages are not growing as strongly, with some struggling to hold population and services. To help understand and address these issues Tamworth Regional Council is developing a wide-ranging and comprehensive housing strategy for the region.

The Regional Housing Strategy aims to investigate and report on the current situation, making recommendations to support housing the Tamworth Region population now and into the future. The views of the community are important, and the housing survey undertaken between 14 November and 12 December 2023 has provided a lot of information to inform the strategy. The strong response highlights the community's strong interest in housing issues.

The formation of the draft strategy is now in its final stages in preparation for public exhibition.