Northern Inland Centre of Sporting Excellence - Stage 2


Northern Inland Centre of Sporting Excellence (NICSE) - stage 2 works kicked off in January 2019 following confirmation of funding for a significant expansion and upgrade of the Tamworth Regional Hockey Complex and for roofs to cover the two existing warm up arenas at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC).

A budget of $9.636 million was granted for the project;

  • $7.2 million by the NSW Government grant under the Regional Sports Infrastructure Fund
  • $1.636 million from Tamworth Regional Council
  • $800,000 from the Tamworth Hockey Association

Soil turned over in July 2019 when work commenced on the bulk earthworks at the Hockey Complex, and construction of roofs at AELEC started a couple of weeks later.

This significant investment to the Hockey Complex will elevate it into the top six venues in Australia to host state and national competitions, with the flow on affect attracting visitors to the area and subsequently providing an economic boost to Tamworth.

The additions to AELEC allows the venue to be more flexible in its events and provide options to host multiple events at the one time.

The NISCE precinct will not only attract exciting new events to the region but also nurture local athletes and their clubs.


Value: $6.7M

Expansion work on the hockey complex includes;

  • resurfacing of the two existing fields
  • upgraded irrigation system
  • a new, third synthetic water-based field built to global standards to compliment the original two fields and opens up the prospects for large scale competitions to be held at the complex.

Overlooking the fields is a new multipurpose building which finished construction the end of May 2020. The new multipurpose building, covering 697m², consists of an outdoor extension including two barbecue areas boosts the viewing area from the existing clubhouse between fields one and two.

By the end of 2020 a new carpark, landscaping and fencing will round out the project.


Value: $2.9M

Putting roofs over two existing warm up arenas in the same style of the stabling complex is the outcome of Stage 2 at AELEC.

In addition, special consideration was given to the roof design to allow tip truck access into the arenas to enable swift changes to the sand surface during and between events.

The project consists of:

  • renewal of surfaces
  • drainage
  • lighting
  • irrigation
  • public address system
  • fencing, and
  • footpaths

Each arena has also been fitted with large screen televisions to assist competitors warming up to be ready for their classes by streaming events from the main arena.

Warm up arenas