The old Peel River Intake Building (also referred to as Paradise Pumping Station) is located along King George V Avenue, East Tamworth. The Paradise Pumping Station (PPS) was initially fed by both Dungowan Dam and the Peel Alluvial to supply raw water to the City of Tamworth. The PPS housed the Main Well that was connected to 18 Drift Wells downstream of the junction between the Peel River and the Cockburn River. The PPS was decommissioned and has been disused since ~1980 with the commissioning of Chaffey Dam and Calala Water Treatment Plant.

A severe drought experienced in Tamworth (2003-2008) saw a number of Drift Wells along the Peel River (Scott Road) re-commissioned temporarily to mitigate falling storage levels in Chaffey Dam. The Drift Wells sourced surface water from the Peel River and Peel and Cockburn Alluviums and delivered it directly to the Calala Water Treatment Plant.

The PPS site consists of one level building which is approximately 1,000m2 and is aged (Circa) 1915s. It was altered and extended in 1936. It has a metal roof and the external walls have been identified as Fibre Cement Sheeting (Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs)), with timber framing and Brick. Internally, the floor has been constructed using timber boards and asbestos ceiling linings. In addition to the Main Well located within this structure, the building also houses three smaller Wells.

The Remediation

Council agreed at a council meeting in February 2019 to remove the PPS and convert the area into daytime recreational area.

This process includes the completion of a Development Application and a Statement of Heritage Impact (SHI) from a suitably qualified heritage consultant to establish a specific function of the building and its infrastructure, its rarity, how the site might be best interpreted if the structure is removed and consideration towards the value of the remaining wells.

All aspects above the 1.5m level will be removed and the Wells and balustrade would remain intact (or remediated).

The outdoor area will then be developed into a usable daytime leisure and recreational space.

3D drawing of the proposed Paradise Pump Station remediation including paved area for seating and a pergola.

3D design of the proposed Paradise Pump Station recreational area.

Paradise Pump Station complete image

Completion of project