Tamworth’s Active Transport Strategy, a key part of the Tamworth Integrated Transport Masterplan within Blueprint 100, aims to make it easier for more local residents to walk or cycle around the city. Where appropriate infrastructure is provided, walking and cycling will help to reduce traffic congestion for Tamworth’s road users and free-up parking spaces in business districts.

Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program

High priority footpaths and shared paths not already funded were selected for inclusion in the Australian Government's Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. As a result, ten new footpaths and two new shared paths will be added to the Tamworth's regions extensive pathway network through this funding.



140 metres of new footpath will connect existing walkways along Belmore Street between Gidley and Matthews Streets.

Currently pedestrians are required to cross the road twice if they wish to stay on an all-weather footpath, the addition of this link will greatly improve convenience to users in a heavy traffic area.

50 metres of footpath will connect the top of the disabled access ramp to the new public toilet amenities.

The significant tourist walking circuit around Nundle will be completed with this link allowing easy and safe access to the amenities.

260 metres of footpath on Station Street was planned to be constructed between Gate Street and Wagonia Street. Due to the unexpected discovery of a water main in need of repair, the path has instead been constructed from Wagonia Street to Irvine Street, with the rest of the path to be constructed in 2022/2023 financial year after additional funding for the water main repair has been obtained.

200 metres of new footpath is to be constructed between the free camping area and existing footpath, allowing greater ease of access.

Community consultation has shown the construction of this footpath to be important to local residents.

To be constructed

New footpath will be constructed between Roderick Street and Hill Street

New footpath will be constructed between Harrier Parade and Calala Lane.

New footpath will be constructed between Levien Street and Hyson Street. Another section will also be constructed between Robey Street and Hyson Street.

New footpath will be constructed between Bridge Street and Gipps Street.

New footpath will be constructed between Duri Road and John Street.

New footpath will be constructed on Longyard Drive.

Shared Paths

A shared path will soon be installed down from the Bicentennial Park levee bank down to Viaduct Park with a pedestrian refuge across Peel Street to assist local residents to cross the road safely. This project will create a safer pedestrian route for young skaters and scooter riders who frequently move from the path to the park.

A new shared pathway for both cyclists and pedestrians will be constructed between North Street and Monteray Street. Both cyclists and pedestrians will be able to travel in both directions, with line marking present.

Other Funding

These projects are part of the NSW Government’s Safer Roads Program (Liveable and Safe Urban Communities).


A new footpath will soon be constructed to connect Jack Smyth Drive and the Sports Dome car park to the Criterium Cycling Track.

566m of footpath will be constructed along the western side of Garden Street from Hillvue Road to Arinya Street, before switching to the other side of the road from Arinya to Robert Street. The path will include 14 pram ramps. A pedestrian refuge will also be installed at the Garden Street / Robert Street intersection to help residents cross the road.