Tamworth Regional Council's Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2022-2026 (Our Sustainability Strategy), was developed in collaboration with the local community. The strategy has been formulated around the 664 community responses received from the survey we undertook in February 2022 as well as consultation results from the recent Community Strategy Plan. We would like to thank the community for their valuable input into shaping the content and direction of Our Sustainability Strategy.

The purpose of Our Sustainability Strategy is to integrate sustainability across our organisation and community, as well as to protect and enhance our natural and built environments to enable a healthy, connected and sustainable future for our local community. Our region is fortunate to have a diverse range of natural assets including rich agricultural soil, local waterways and significant native animal species. The key themes of Our Sustainability Strategy are water, waste, energy, circular economy, natural environment, transportation and mobility, sustainable governance and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

We asked the community to read through the strategy and provide feedback prior to adoption later in the year.

Public exhibition closed on Wednesday 26 October, 2022. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on this important strategy.

Sustainable goals