Tamworth is a growing hub supporting substantial residential, employment and trade growth with the New England North West region. Tamworth Regional Council has developed a strategic framework titled 'Tamworth Regional Blueprint 100' designed to guide future land use within the Region towards a population of 100,000 people.

In implementing Blueprint 100, we are investigating a range of projects that will help realise our ambition. One being looked at is the redevelopment of the Tamworth Olympic Swimming Pool into an inclusive leisure water and play facility to be known as the Tamworth Adventure Pool.

The concept

The Tamworth Adventure Pool concept includes a free-formed lagoon-style body of water in the CBD which also provides space for lap-style swimming.

The proposal includes:

  • Lagoon-style pool designed with a lap swimming section
  • Water splash play areas
  • Seating and social spaces
  • Shade sails
  • Barbecues
  • Café with internal and outdoor seating
  • Accessible toilet and change facilities
  • First aid room
  • Drinking water stations
  • Associated plant and equipment
  • Ancillary infrastructure to be determined but may include water fountains, lighting, bins, public art, bicycle racks.

Contact Us

Have questions or would you like to provide feedback on the future of aquatics in the region? Contact us below:

Name Tamworth Regional Council
Phone 02 6767 5555
Email trc@tamworth.nsw.gov.au
Website www.tamworth.nsw.gov.au


The vision is underpinned by the following guiding principles:

Visible and Iconic - The Tamworth Adventure Pool will be in a well centralised location with high street presence. The organic, free formed designed water bodies with associated water play infrastructure will become an iconic and attractive destination for residents, workers and visitors to the region.

Integrated and Unique – The concept seeks integration within the context of the CBD and the regional scale Bicentennial Park. The facility is to provide unique water and play opportunities that are not offered anywhere else in the region.

Inclusive and Welcoming – The Tamworth Adventure Pool will be inclusive, inviting and accessible to all members of the community. The plan provides a platform to ensure future design goes 'beyond compliance' to ensure genuine and authentic inclusivity is achieved. Careful consideration of a range of social and supporting infrastructure will ensure that the facility is welcoming and a place that people can 'stay and play'.

Adaptable and Activated - The plan aims to best meet a range of community activities. Offering adaptable and well versatile spaces will ensure the facility can be well activated all year-round.

The proposed Tamworth Adventure Pool will allow Council to fulfil the community’s wish for a water facility to remain in the CBD while creating a new destination for the region and further afield aligning with the Tamworth Regional Blueprint 100 and the Tamworth Bicentennial Park Master Plan.


We are actively seeking grant opportunities from the NSW Government and Australian Government. Before any funding commitments are made, we will inform the community and discuss openly any costs Council and the community may be required to contribute.