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Your 2020/2021 Waste Vouchers

Round one of the 2020/2021 waste voucher trial starts in August 2020.

All properties in the Tamworth region who currently have kerbside bin collection will receive their first 2020/2021 waste voucher in early August. The voucher is postcard size and will not be in a envelope so be sure to keep your eyes peeled over these couple of weeks.

Round two is in February 2021 and these properties will receive their second voucher at this time.

When, where & how to use your vouchers?

You can use these vouchers whenever you want

At any of the Tamworth region landfills – click here to find out more about our landfills

  • One voucher entitles you to the disposal of 2m3 of waste.
  • Make the most of your voucher by pre-sorting your recyclable and waste material before you arrive at the tip
  • Remember you can dispose of your recyclable material at any time for FREE. Not sure what you can recycle? Check out our list here

You can NOT use waste vouchers to dispose of the following items:

  • Asbestos
  • Tyres that are subject to fees and charges
  • Skip bin services

Bulky Goods Collection

Bulky Goods Collection will continue in 2020/2021.

Terms & Conditions

Didn’t received the Waste Voucher in the mail and you have kerbside waste bins? Check with Customer Services if it has been received by Council as a Return to Sender from Australia Post by calling our Customer Service on 6767 5555.

Waste vouchers are only issued to properties that have a kerbside waste service as part of those paid services.

Waste vouchers are only issued to properties that have a kerbside waste service as part of those paid services.

3.1 Vouchers are only issued twice a year, 1 is mailed out in July and 1 is mailed out in February to the property that has a Domestic Waste Management Service Charge.

3.2 Vouchers are issued to the property and not the owner as the person living in the property is the intended recipient.

3.3 Vouchers are unique and identifiable by individual property number and barcode.

3.4 Vouchers are singular in nature and designed to prevent copying/fraud and original vouchers only will be accepted.

4.1 Each voucher allows for the disposal of up to 2m3 non recyclable bulky household waste at one of Tamworth Regional Council’s Waste Management Facilities

4.2 Waste operational staff onsite have the final say and determination as to the eligibility of loads, materials and volume of waste presented when redeeming waste vouchers. No negotiation or correspondence will be entered into.

4.3 Non compliance with T&C’s may render the voucher void and payment will be required at time of disposal

4.4 Vouchers can only be used for domestic household rubbish and not commercial waste or waste from commercial premises and vouchers will not be issued to non domestic properties

4.5 Residents are required to sort their waste into recyclable materials for disposal in appropriate areas (ie metal waste, green waste, e-waste, Community Recycling Centre items) as directed by staff and voucher covers the remaining non recyclable waste.

5.1 Vouchers CANNOT be used for disposal of Asbestos

5.2 Disposal of tyres that are subject to fees and charges

5.3 Vouchers CANNOT be used for disposal of residential waste utilising a Skip bin service.

6.1 Multiple loads will not be accepted with a single voucher.

6.2 Residents may present multiple vouchers in a single visit if they have waste in excess of the allowable 2m3.

6.3 A voucher will be required per 2m3 presented for disposal.

7.1 Non compliance with T&C’s may render the voucher void and payment will be required at time of disposal.

7.2 No credit is provided for loads presented which do not take full advantage of the dollar value of the voucher.

7.3 Vouchers are not transferrable or redeemable for cash.

7.4 Vouchers expire 31 July the year following date of issue.

8.1 Vouchers must be presented at the time of disposal and are retained by the attendant at the Waste Depot at the time of use. 8.2 Use of vouchers is recorded in Council’s records management system.

9.1 Lost, missing, stolen or not received vouchers will not be replaced under any circumstances and vouchers cannot be reprinted.

9.2 Vouchers which are returned to sender due to non-delivery by Australia[DA1] Post may be collected from Council with proof of residence by way of utility bill example.

9.3 New domestic properties or new owners or new tenants will receive their first waste voucher at the next scheduled mail out in either July or February. Vouchers will not be issued before that time.

[DA1]This potentially could happen and Council receives the vouchers back. We kept this years RTS from the rates notices so we could issue if an enquiry was received. RTS was noted in TRIM. A voucher RTS and reissuing process can be implemented.

Waste Voucher Trial History

During the 2018/19 financial year Council trialed the use of waste vouchers.

In May 2019 it was decided to extend the trial until June 2021 and make some changes to how the vouchers will be distributed to further improve resource recovery

In the initial stage of the trial up to the end of June 2019, property owners in the Region were given 2 waste vouchers with their annual rates notice.

Tenants in the Region were able to access the waste vouchers for their address through the property manager. It was the combined responsibility of the tenant and the property manager make an agreement on the handover and use of the vouchers.

From July 2019, the vouchers will NOT be issued with the rates notices.

Vouchers will be mailed out as a postcard to the property where the kerbside waste service is provided.

Vouchers were provided in July 2019 and one in February 2020.

The third round of vouchers will be available in August 2020 and February 2021.