Tamworth Regional Council is proposing to close Watsons Creek and Niangala small vehicle transfer stations (SVTS).

Watsons Creek and Niangala SVTS currently service 236 people but anecdotal evidence is that most users of the SVTS are from outside of the Tamworth LGA. The accepted industry standard for travel distance to a waste management facility is 28 minutes. Most residents impacted by these closures will have an alternative waste management facility within this travel timeframe.

The closure of these two facilities will provide Council with $734,000 in long term savings.

The proposal to close these two sites has been informed by Council’s Waste Rationalisation Action Management Plan (WRAMP) which is a key document for ensuring that Council’s existing rural waste management facility network is financially sustainable while providing safe and efficient waste services, now and into the future.

The WRAMP was prepared to assist Council consider rationalising its rural waste facility network through assessing alternative options and considers capital and operational costs along with potential social and environmental impacts.

Update 6 June 2022

All rates and annual charges proposed by Council as part of its Annual Operating Plan are placed on public exhibition for 28 days. This provides the community with an opportunity to read and understand the document, then provide informed feedback.

During the public exhibition period of the 2022-2023 AOP for Tamworth Regional Council a change was made to the proposed Domestic Waste Management base charge for properties in the Regional Remote zone that does not receive a kerbside collection service.

This rate increased from $51.00 to $150.00.

This change was required following Council’s commitment to keep the Niangala and Watsons Creek small vehicle transfer stations opened.

As this fee was amended during the public exhibition period it remain on public exhibition until 17 June to allow for a full 28 days. To have your say on this charge simply complete the feedback form Click here.