About the project

As part of the wider plan in the construction and development of the Tamworth Global Gateway Park including the Tamworth Freight Rail Facility, Jewry Street will be extended to join with Wallamore Road opposite Bass Street in Taminda. The project will include a roundabout at the intersection of Dampier and Jewry Street to allow for B-Double access.

It will provide heavy a vehicle bypass of Taminda. The aim is to help ease the impact of the expected increased traffic and heavy vehicles wanting to access the Park's new freight hubs.The result is expected to be productivity gains and improving road safety for all motorists.

The Jewry Street Extension will allow B-doubles travelling a route between the Oxley Highway to either the New England Highway or Manilla Road to avoid entering Taminda.

By removing through traffic B-doubles from roadways in Taminda, it is expected to reduce the travel time of freight vehicles travelling to destinations in the Park.


The NSW Government has committed $5.886 million for the Jewry Street Extension with Council planning to contribute a further $654,000 from its 2021/2022 budget.


A detailed design for the project will be completed in 2020/2021.

Construction is scheduled to start in the 2021/2022 financial year. Flood modelling has been done to mitigate the impact of any flooding of the Timbumburi Creek area. Extra culverts will be constructed as part of the rail line reactivation.

Jewry Street extension