Tamworth Regional Council has initiated the development of a multi-stage major enterprise park and logistics project, which will significantly enhance the economic landscape of the city and provide vast ongoing benefits to the wider region. The site has been named the Tamworth Global Gateway Park (TGGP).

A 246-hectare site at Westdale bounded by Goddard Lane, Goonan Street, Marathon Street and the Oxley Highway has been master planned to create an enterprise park with the flexibility to cater for industrial and business development. Just seven kilometres from the Tamworth CBD, the Park is accessible via the Oxley Highway and an existing heavy vehicle road network. The Tamworth Global Gateway Park is also adjacent to Tamworth Regional Airport, accommodating Boeing 737 sized freight aircraft. This makes the park readily able to capitalise on prospects in the transport, freight, manufacturing and warehousing industries.

Council purchased the greenfield site in 2016 to provide suitable land for new business or expansion of existing business. Its development has a key role to play in the region’s economic growth and employment opportunities over the next 20 or more years, and is the centrepiece of Council's Blueprint 100 strategy.

Considered the new ‘economic engine room’ for the north of the state, the TGGP will soon be home to a purpose-built double-sided intermodal rail freight terminal. This will be operated by Qube Holdings, a multinational Australian company and leader in integrated logistics solutions focused on import and export supply chains. This premier freight and logistics hub will have dedicated access to the Port of Botany and the Port of Newcastle.

Tamworth Global Gateway Park - Precinct Map

Tamworth Global Gateway Park

Tamworth Global Gateway Park - Activation Projects Map

TGGP Activations Projects Map

What does the precinct include?

The precinct has three different but interconnected projects:

  • Tamworth Global Gateway Park – Council owns the site and is solely responsible for delivering the new industrial and business area.
  • Tamworth Intermodal Rail Line – Transport for NSW is overseeing the reactivation of 5 km rail line between West Tamworth and Westdale, delivered by John Holland Rail.
  • Tamworth Intermodal Freight Facility – Qube Holdings was chosen through an Expression of Interest process to build and operate the facility to be located in a section of the Tamworth Global Gateway Park adjacent to the rail line.

Progress Update

Council infrastructure projects

Major infrastructure projects to develop the site of the Tamworth Global Gateway Park site include:

  • Construction of the Country Road-Oxley Highway roundabout;
  • Construction of Trunk Stormwater Drainage infrastructure;
  • Construction of the Intermodal Access Road;
  • Construction of the Jewry Street Extension;
  • Construction of internal access roads

Sales of both Stage One and Stage Two lots are well underway, with 79% of all lots now sold or on hold / under contract.

Three major development infrastructure projects were completed in March 2022, representing a total investment of more than $24 million in the Tamworth Global Gateway Park (TGGP). The Intermodal Access Road, upgraded Goddard Lane and Trunk Stormwater Drainage infrastructure are now in place, meaning that Stage One and Two lots are now ready for further development from businesses.

Tamworth’s $9.543 million, dual-lane, five-leg Country Road Roundabout was completed in October 2022, marking the end of a significant undertaking that began in July 2020.

The Country Road Roundabout is a critical piece of infrastructure, creating access points between the Oxley Highway and extended heavy vehicle network, Tamworth Regional Airport, new Tamworth Global Gateway Park, Intermodal Freight Facility and Hunter Land’s Tamworth Business Park.

Construction of the Jewry Street Extension has also begun with a new roundabout and heavy vehicle bypass to be constructed in Jewry Street, Taminda.

The new roadway providing a route around Taminda’s industrial streets will improve safety for road users and reduce the impact of the expected increase in volume of traffic and heavy vehicles accessing the Tamworth Global Gateway Park and Intermodal Freight Facility.

John Holland Rail

Five kilometres of non-operational rail line has been reactivated between West Tamworth to Westdale to allow rail access for the planned Tamworth Freight Rail Facility. This work was carried out by John Holland Rail on behalf of Transport for NSW in partnership with Council and the Department of Regional NSW, and was completed in October 2021.

Qube Holdings

Qube Holdings have been engaged by Council through an open expression of interest (EOI) to design, build and operate the the Intermodal Freight Facility within the Tamworth Global Gateway Park. The Intermodal Freight Facility is expected to be operational by mid-2023.

Cost and funding

To date funding committed for the Tamworth Global Gateway Park includes;

  • $55,496,000 from the NSW Government
  • $6,734,291 from the Australian Government
  • $16,556,250 from Tamworth Regional Council

Of the $55,496,000 contributed by the NSW Government, $20,246,000 is funded by the NSW Government’s Growing Local Economies fund relating to construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Country Road and the Oxley Highway to provide road access to the site, installation of trunk stormwater drainage necessary to develop the land and construction of the Jewry Street Extension.

A further $35,250,000 has been contributed by Transport for NSW for the reactivation of 5km of rail line between West Tamworth to Westdale, to allow rail access for the planned Intermodal Freight Facility.

The Australian Government has committed $2,202,291 from the Building Better Regions Fund for construction of the Intermodal Access Road. $4,532,000 from the Australian Government Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program has also been contributed to help fund the Country Road Roundabout in association with the NSW Government and Council.

Council has also contributed $16,556,250 towards the following development projects;

  • Goddard Lane upgrade
  • Intermodal Access Road
  • Business Park Ring Road (Stage 1)
  • Trunk Stormwater Drainage
  • Country Road Roundabout
  • Jewry Street Extension
  • Precinct survey and design
  • Demolition of a derelict building on the site; and
  • Various additional servicing strategies (connecting the site to power, lighting, gas and communications)


  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    February 2016

    Purchase of 246 hectare site for Council to develop as an industrial and business park to drive employment opportunities and economic growth.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    November 2017

    NSW Government commits $7.418 million for the first stage to deliver an intermodal freight hub.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    September 2018

    Australian Government announces $4.53 million towards the cost of the Country Road – Oxley Highway roundabout.

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    August 2019

    NSW Government announces $20,246,000 to fund the projects required to establish and activate the Tamworth Global Gateway Park.

  • Timeline item 5 - complete

    May 2020

    John Holland Rail commences work on rail line reactivation

  • Timeline item 6 - complete

    June 2020

    Work begins on Country Road Roundabout

    Australian Government announces $2,202,291 under Round 4 of the Building Better Regions Fund towards the Tamworth Intermodal Activation.

  • Timeline item 7 - complete

    August 2020

    Councillors at the 11 August 2020 Ordinary Meeting agreed to take steps to formally dedicate land to provide new roads as part of the Tamworth Global Gateway Park.

  • Timeline item 8 - complete

    September 2020

    NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro and State Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson announce $28 million to reinstate a section of the rail line for the Tamworth Intermodal Rail Facility.

  • Timeline item 9 - complete

    November 2020

    Work started on the Goddard Lane roadworks

  • Timeline item 10 - complete

    February 2021

    Construction began on the trunk stormwater drainage infrastructure

  • Timeline item 11 - complete

    March 2021

    Construction began on the Intermodal Access Road, which will enable heavy vehicles to transfer freight from truck to train.

  • Timeline item 12 - complete

    July 2021

    Stage One lots become available for sale

    Goddard Lane roadworks, Country Road Roundabout and Trunk Stormwater Infrastructure projects reach 50% completion milestone

  • Timeline item 13 - complete

    September 2021

    Tamworth Global Gateway Park Development Control Plan (DCP) on public exhibition from 3 - 30 September

  • Timeline item 14 - complete

    March 2022

    Goddard Lane roadworks, Intermodal Access Road and Trunk Stormwater Infrastructure projects reach completion

  • Timeline item 15 - complete

    October 2022

    Country Road Roundabout completed

  • Timeline item 16 - active

    December 2022

    Work on Jewry Street extension begins