Tamworth Global Gateway Park will be established on a 246-hectare parcel of land at Westdale bounded by Goddard Lane, Goonan Street, Marathon Street and the Oxley Highway.

We purchased the greenfield site in 2016 to provide suitable land for new business or expansion of existing business. Its development has a key role to play in the region’s economic growth and employment opportunities over the next 20 or more years.

Within the Park and adjacent to the rail corridor, is the site of the planned Tamworth Intermodal Freight Facility. The facility will provide the important connection between rail and road freight.

The Tamworth Global Gateway Park consists of 246 ha of land zoned into 119 ha of heavy industrial (IN3), 60 ha of light industrial (IN1) and 67 ha of business park (B7). The Park is strategically located on the Oxley Highway, seven kilometres from the city, in close proximity to the Tamworth Regional Airport.

Tamworth Global Gateway Park - Precinct Map

Tamworth Enterprise Area

Tamworth Global Gateway Park - Activation Projects Map

TGGP Activations Projects Map


Tamworth Regional Council is initiating the development of a multi-stage major enterprise park and logistics project, which will significantly enhance the economic landscape of the city and provide ongoing benefits to the wider region over the next 20 years or more.

Tamworth Global Gateway Park is one of the most exciting and significant greenfield site developments in Australia.

A purpose planned 246 hectare business, industrial and enterprise zone, connected by a heavy vehicle road network and the establishment of a rail freight intermodal to be operated by one of Australia’s leading providers of integrated logistic solutions – Qube Holdings Ltd.

The planning for the site has been completed and in 2020 has moved into the delivery phase of the project. A range of infrastructure works are required to enable land release for development.

The park will be launched to the market with as a staged development. Stage 1 will see about 20 per cent of the site developed for sale and includes the release 15.69ha of land on Goddard Lane, 10.76ha adjacent to the Tamworth Intermodal Freight Facility and 3.95ha at the entry to the business park off the Oxley Highway.

The park is ideally positioned with easy access to the nearby Tamworth Regional Airport and a major highway as well as soon having rail freight with direct access to the Port of Botany and Port of Newcastle. This makes the park readily able to capitalise on prospects in the transport, freight, manufacturing and warehousing industries.

What does the precinct include?

The precinct has three different but interconnected projects:

  • Tamworth Global Gateway Park – Council owns the site and is solely responsible for delivering the new industrial and business area.
  • Tamworth Intermodal Rail Line – Transport for NSW is overseeing the reactivation of 5 km rail line between West Tamworth and Westdale, delivered by John Holland Rail.
  • Tamworth Intermodal Freight Facility – Qube Holdings was chosen through an Expression of Interest process to build and operate the facility to be located in a section of the Tamworth Global Gateway Park adjacent to the rail line.

Cost and funding

To date funding committed for the Tamworth Global Gateway Park includes;

  • $55,496,000 from the NSW Government
  • $6,734,291 from the Australian Government
  • $16,556,250 from Tamworth Regional Council

Of the $55,496,000 contributed by the NSW Government, $20,246,000 is funded by the NSW Government’s Growing Local Economies fund relating to construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Country Road and the Oxley Highway to provide road access to the site, installation of trunk stormwater drainage necessary to develop the land and construction of the Jewry Street Extension.

A further $35,250,000 has been contributed by Transport for NSW for the reactivation of 5km of rail line between West Tamworth to Westdale, to allow rail access for the planned Intermodal Freight Facility.

The Australian Government has committed $2,202,291 from the Building Better Regions Fund for construction of the Intermodal Access Road. $4,532,000 from the Australian Government Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program has also been contributed to help fund the Country Road Roundabout in association with the NSW Government and Council.

Council has also contributed $16,556,250 towards the following development projects;

  • Goddard Lane upgrade
  • Intermodal Access Road
  • Business Park Ring Road (Stage 1)
  • Trunk Stormwater Drainage
  • Country Road Roundabout
  • Jewry Street Extension
  • Precinct survey and design
  • Demolition of a derelict building on the site; and
  • Various additional servicing strategies (connecting the site to power, lighting, gas and communications)


Council infrastructure projects

Major infrastructure projects to develop the site of the Tamworth Global Gateway Park site include:

  • Construction of the Country Road-Oxley Highway roundabout;
  • Construction of Trunk Stormwater Drainage infrastructure;
  • Construction of the Intermodal Access Road;
  • Construction of the Jewry Street Extension;
  • Construction of internal access roads

The majority of these projects are now well underway. As of September 2021, the Country Road Roundabout and Intermodal Access Road were 60% complete while the Goddard Lane Upgrade and Trunk Stormwater Drainage projects were 95% and 70% complete respectively.

Construction of the Jewry Street Extension is expected to start in the first half of 2022. This is an extension to the western end of Jewry Street, providing a heavy vehicle bypass of Taminda along with a safe and efficient route for heavy vehicle access to the Tamworth Global Gateway Park.

John Holland Rail

Five kilometres of non-operational rail line has now been reactivated between West Tamworth to Westdale to allow rail access for the planned Tamworth Freight Rail Facility. This work was carried out by John Holland Rail on behalf of Transport for NSW in partnership with Council and the Department of Regional NSW, and was completed in October 2021.

Qube Holdings

Qube Holdings have been engaged by Council through an open expression of interest (EOI) to design, build and operate the the Intermodal Freight Facility within the Tamworth Global Gateway Park.