Waste Wagon trial to begin May 2023

The trial of the fee based pick-up collection service is scheduled to begin in May 2023 after the Council endorsed the trial on Tuesday 8 November 2022.

Council will launch a trial of a new fee-based book-in waste service in early 2023. The service will be known as Waste Wagon and will be available to all residential property owners and tenants in the Tamworth region who have an existing kerbside bin collection service.

Extensive feedback was supplied by the community during the public consultation phase of the project. Tamworth Regional Council endorsed a 12 month trial of the service to commence in May 2023.


A self-service platform, to be accessed through Council’s website, will be available in May 2023 to allow residents to book and pay for a Waste Wagon pick-up when they need it.

Each time a resident wants to book the Waste Wagon service they must also surrender one of their free waste vouchers. The vouchers can be accessed each quarter. More information about how to access waste vouchers can be found on Council’s website - Waste Vouchers.

Council staff will use a vehicle and a caged trailer to collect the waste from the verge. The maximum load to be collected is two cubic metres. Individual items must not be any heavier than 30kg and able to be lifted by two people.


After a longstanding kerbside Bulky Household Waste Collection service ceased in late 2019 some community members started to advocate to Councillors about the need for its return. They perceived the need for a waste service which catered for the disposal of items which are too large to fit in kerbside collection bins.

Councillors decided in June 2022 to place on public display a proposal to offer a fee for service where residents could book-in a collection of waste from the kerbside of their home.

A number of options were considered but Councillors voted to support the introduction of an on-call verge side fee-for-service collection service. This trial 12 month service will be available from May 2023 to May 2024.

Service fee



All locations in the Tamworth Local Government Area with kerbside collection services

$25 per collection fee + waste voucher

A 50% discount will apply to those residents who have a government-issued pension card or disability card.

The fee must be paid at the time of booking.