About the project

The Tamworth Intermodal Freight Facility will be built within the Tamworth Global Gateway Park, adjacent to the rail corridor on Goddard Lane, to move freight from trucks to trains.

The project aims to capitalise on the vision of the NSW Government for increasing levels of freight to be transported in containers by rail, providing direct access to the Port of Newcastle and Port of Botany.

The Tamworth Intermodal Freight Facility is expected to encourage new industry opportunities as well as support and facilitate economic development.

The facility is one of the most significant logistics infrastructure projects to be undertaken in regional Australia and is the catalyst for the Tamworth Global Gateway Park. It will enable suppliers, businesses and producers to have competitive access to ports for exports, opening Tamworth up to the rest of the world. It will serve as a regional hub and also be a destination for inbound freight.

Qube Logistics was chosen by Council - through an Expressions of Interest process - as the preferred company to design, construct and operate the facility.

Qube have been chosen to build and operate the Intermodal Freight Terminal. They have committed to have the facility operational by October 2023.

Cost and funding

Following an Expressions of Interest process, Qube Logistics was chosen by Council to build and operate the facility. Qube will fund and develop all the infrastructure required for the operation of the facility with the exception of the rail line to the existing rail corridor which will be delivered by Council (in consultation with Transport for NSW) and funded by the Department of Regional NSW.

In June 2020, the Australian Government announced $2,202,291 through its Building Better Regions Fund to go towards the construction of roadways, a roundabout and utilities services linking access roads to the terminal. To obtain this funding, Council is required to match it with a further $2,202,291.


The facility began construction in early 2023 and is expected to be complete by September 2023. It is currently expected that the first trains will run in October 2023.